FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Which version/platform is for me?

If you are not sure which version is right for your mobile device, try looking for these distinguishing features:
  • If your device has a touchscreen, and has a "Start" button displayed somewhere on the screen, it is a Pocket PC.
  • If your device has not touchscreen, has a hardware number keypad, it is a Smartphone.
NOTE: Please be aware that some manufacturers are calling their devices (such as the Treo 700W, MDA mini) Smart Phones for marketing purposes. This is incorrect, as such devices are in fact running the Pocket PC operating system.

Which updates are free for me? (Upgrade policy)

As soon as a new minor version (bugfixes etc.) is available, we will publish this new version here at www.maspware.com. We also will publish this new version at our partnershops. These minor version are numbered 1.01, 1.02 oder 1.1, 1.2 etc, depending on changes made. All minor updates are free!

Upgrade Policy
We provide free upgrades for our software through all sub-point upgrades.
This means that version 5.1 will be a free upgrade from 5.0 all the way to a hypothetical 5.99. Major version upgrades such as 5.x to 6.x incur a price of about 40-50% of the retail price through special coupons we send to our registered users.

Licensing model
Our licensing model decision was made with our users in mind and we are using a per user purchase model, which is the most beneficial model for users.
This means that a user can use our software on more than a single device, using the same registration details that he received from us, as long as the multiple devices are used by the same user, so there is no need to purchase new licenses for each new device or when buying new devices

Registration and Unlocking. Whats the difference?

These two terms are often treated misleading. MASPware only uses ONE key. It depends on our partnershops, wether its called registration key or unlock key. In all cases, its the same!
On all MASPware products, the registration/unlock key is generated immediately and full automated after the order process. NO seperate registration is needed! After completed purchase, the product can be unlocked using the supplied key.

Why does my registration/unlock key does not work?

This could have different causes.

After update: First, you should check, if this update is free for you. Please refer our Upgrade Policy.

New user:
If you just purchased this version and the key emailed to you does not work, you should check the following things:
All our products use an individual key to unlock. This key is generated immediatly and full automated after the order process using your ownerinformation (which you had to enter when ordering!).
You can find your ownerinformation inside the device: Start->Settings->Ownerinformation